Mother’s Cook Book

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This book is dedicated to the memory of my

mother, Steliana Costin, who was a teacher

of the culinary art.

As, a child, I always thought of my mother as belonging to us, the family,

entirely. Could not imagine that she had a separate life as a teacher, and

loved and formed young people to become fruitful citizens of society. I

was only seeing one side of mother’s persona.

The first glimpse of who my mother was happened when we were in

vacation hiking throughout a small village in the Carpathian Mountains

and logging with a peasant family.

My mother talked to the young girl, dreaming of the word to open in front

of her eyes, and could not find a way out of the village life. My mother

told the young girl how to apply to the school she was teaching to, in

Bucharest, how she can better herself, and live her dreams.

That’s what teachers do, open doors, make dreams come true!

Note: This is a very comprehensive cook book, concise, and precise,

and the recipes arranged in a logical manner, by the methodology of

preparation the dough.

This book is written in metric units (the European system), but the units

can be easily converted in English units with the help of a unit convertor.

Also the quantities might seem rather on an industrial scale; again, it can

be reduced by dividing the quantities for as many, or as little, portions

you need, and here the decimal system is a big help!


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