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Silver, a young, inexperienced woman fresh out of college, escapes from Communist Romania and returns to her mother’s native land, Greece, hoping to make a better life for herself and later on to bring over the entire family.

Silver’s dreams, fueled by her mother’s stories, of finding acceptance, love, and security are crashed one after another as she faces the harsh reality.

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When you are alone, down, lost, heartbroken, in pain, without hope, look up towards Heaven and ask God for guidance; ask the Angels to take you under their wings, protect you from harm, and bring you toward light.

Rea-Silvia Costin P.E.
P.E. and Writer

A Trilogy Memoir

Generations of Resilience

chronicles the lives of three generations of extraordinary women—Calliope, Thiana, and the author herself, Silver. In the first book, “Thiana,” their journey begins in a remote Greek village in the 1920s, where they confront life’s adversities and seek a better future amidst the backdrop of World War II. “Athens,” the second installment, follows Silver’s quest for love and acceptance in Greece, while the final book, “America – The Final Destination,” portrays her pursuit of a new life in America, with Florida and Matthew at its heart. These interconnected tales of courage, resilience, and love capture the essence of family and the enduring spirit of strong women across continents and generations.

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