About Rea-Silvia

I’m a Professional Engineer. The need to write come unexpectedly, later into my life, and with such force, that I had no choice but follow it.

My Publishing Journey

I published my first book Short Stories: The Story of a Refugee with Vantage Press in 1997, and republished it independently under my name on 2023 . In 2003, I published the first book of a trilogy, Thiana-AVDELA-A Macedonian Village in the Northwestern Greece- Thiana’s Native Land with iUniverse, and then republished it in 2019 with GoToPublish; I published the second volume of the trilogy ATHENS with iUniverse in 2004, and republished it independently under my mane in 2023. American Publishing Company has published the third book of the trilogy, America-The Final Destination in 2006, and then I republished it in 2020 with ECPublishing, and independently under my name in 2021.
American Publishing Company also has published my first poetry book: Pearls on a String: Love Songs –Volume I- on December 13, 2006, and the second volume in 2009, and I have republished both volumes with Author’s Press in 2019.
In 2010 American Publishing Company has published my children’s book: Different Tales: A Children’s Book.
My poetry is published in The Best Poems and Poets of 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2005, The Theatre of the Mind, and The Celebrations of Honors as well as Who’s Who in Poetry 2004, 2005, and 2007 editions by the International Library of Poetry. I am the recipient of the Editor’s Choice Award, 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2007 from the poetry.com site as well as the President’s Award for Excellence in Literature from the National Authors Registry.
In 2019 Marquis Who’s Who awarded me the Albert Nelson Life Time Achievement Award for my work as an engineer and writer.
Here are links to most recent publications about my books: Rea-Silvia Costin, P.E.-Author- Links to recently published articles
I was born in Greece and raised in Romania. In 1981, I immigrated to the U.S.A.

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