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In this poignant memoir, the author takes readers on a journey back to her earliest memories, where the world was a place of wonder and adventure. As a curious and independent-minded three-year-old, she vividly recalls the day she decided to venture out on her own, donning a red-and-white checkered dress and her favorite hairdo. Filled with youthful excitement, she set off to explore the world beyond her home, aiming for Cismigiu Gardens, but soon found herself lost and disoriented in the unfamiliar city streets. In a heartwrenching turn of events, a kind stranger offered her shelter and sweets, leading to a joyful afternoon with newfound friends. Meanwhile, her frantic mother and family desperately searched for her. This memoir captures a moment of innocence, a child’s sense of adventure, and the enduring love and worry of a mother, all woven together in a narrative that will resonate with readers of all ages.

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Generations of Resilience

A trilogy memoir

America The Final Destination
Pearls On A String: Loves Songs Volume 1
Pearls On A String: Loves Songs Volume 2
Different Tales: A Children's Book
Mother's Cook Book
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